A heartwarming young children’s story designed to inspire children and parents alike!

Timmy – the Terribly Tired Tiger Cub, and how he became terrifically fun!

You are invited to this very special book launch by local Cairns author Kristina Cone. Sit and listen to a special reading of “Timmy”, and stay for the book signing afterwards. A special “Timmy” bookmark will be gifted along with books sold on the day.

Two readings available:

Tuesday 5 July 11am and 2pm
Saturday 9 July 11am  and 2pm
Located at the seating area beside Centre Court – in front of Luminous Lights

13336196_282821665396128_258203716_nAbout the book:

Timmy is a young tiger cub who unfortunately is very sad. He really wants to have fun with his brothers and sisters, but he is just too tired all of the time. What can he do? His mummy, Tina Tiger, has an idea which could just help him. By using the powerful words that his mother teaches him, Timmy is able to help himself and discover the energy he needs to be the type of tiger he wants to be!

About the author:

Kristina’s married with 2 teenagers and lives in Cairns, Australia. She’s been on a journey of self-development since she read Dr Wayne Dyer’s “Your Erroneous Zones” at 17. She’s been an Early Childhood Teacher with a huge desire to affect children positively the world over with her beautiful children’s stories.

For more information contact:
Kristina Cone: 0432 685 524
The Pier Centre Management: 4052 7749

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