Tai Chi at The Pier Every Wednesday – FIRST LESSON IS FREE!

Suitable for beginners and experienced students.

When: Every Wednesday
Time: 6.30am to 7.30am
Where: Pier Centre Court

Would you like to do any of the following….? If yes, then we’ll see you Wednesday morning!

1) increase mental and physical speed
2) improve concentration power & mental focus
3) develop your reflex and reaction time
4) reduce cortisol & STRESS
5) increase muscle tone, strength flexibility, dexterity, agility, mobility
6) regulate blood pressure & weight
7) massage the internal organs, lubricate the spine
8) improve cardiovascular health, open up the vascular system & boost the immune system
9) reduce the need for chiropractic by improving alignment of the joints
10) produce gamma brain waves, serotonin, endorphins & adrenaline
11) feel AMAZING!

Tai ChiContact Details
Location: The Pier, Centre Court
Phone: 0417 563 936
Email: kaymthoren@live.com.au

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