We all work really hard to create a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and our families.  Our homes, social lives and creature comforts are all funded by our working efforts.  What if this changed?

It is a natural human instinct to shy away from thoughts of dreadful things happening to ourselves or any member of our family, however, the reality is, hundreds of families every single day are impacted by events which take away their capacity to pay the bills.

Possessing the right insurance is the right solution.

I established InTouch Insurance to provide families with an easy, personalised way to access the types and levels of insurance to suit their individual circumstances and needs.  InTouch Insurance services the Cairns and entire Far North region as well as clients requiring a common sense approach to insurance throughout Australia.

One of the key strengths of InTouch Insurance is that it is not institutionally aligned, meaning my clients are able to obtain the insurance policies they require to meet their personal circumstances.  Every family is different, so every insurance solution should be different as well.

Through my flexibility and dedication to ensuring clients feel comfortable discussing what can, for some, be a challenging topic, I visit clients at a time and location to suit them.  For many clients, being able to relax in their own homes, is an empowering way to be able to share all of the details necessary to ensure that the insurance products they receive are the best fit for their needs.

InTouch Insurance is able to arrange the following insurances:

•Total and Permanent Disablement
•Trauma Insurance
•Income Protection Insurance
•Business Expenses Insurance

Best of all, I bring the personal touch back to having insurance by being the direct point of contact for all insurance enquiries and claims.  Family members therefore do not have to worry about the complexities of the claims process and are free to support each other in times of crisis.

To find out more about the InTouch Insurance difference and how having the right insurance is the right move for your family, contact me today.

Intouch Insurance_The Pier CairnsPhone: 0419 324 984
Email: shannon@intouchinsurance.com.au
Website: www.intouchinsurance.com.au/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/intouchinsuranceau

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